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Backgrounds by Hack & Slash starting with Prisoner
Other User-Created Backgrounds
1,000 Bonds Project
5e Sage Advice

Converting 3.5/Pathfinder to 5e

5e Character Generator [good]
5e Spell and Monster Cards
Alternate 5e Monster Cards
Alternate 5e Spell Cards


Ghosts of Dragonspear Castle
Dreams of the Red Wizards – Scourge of the Sword Coast
Dreams of the Red Wizards – Dead in Thay
Lost Mines of Phandelver
Horde of the Dragon Queen
The Rise of Tiamat

Other Useful Links

Donjon Very useful DM resource with random generators.
Chaotic Shiny Another useful site with lots of random generators.
Random Maps

Elfmaids & Octopi Great d100 lists for flavor, like Tragic Old Murder Hobos!
Blessings of the Dice Gods Has an index for the Dungeon Dozen posts. These are lists of 12 items to roll randomly to generate ideas for loot, battle-cries, dungeon dressing, etc.

Goblin Punch One of the best gaming blogs. Many articles on dark interpretations of gaming elements, such as familiars and druids.

Hack & Slash Many posts with suggestions on improving your game. Has a post for “fixing” Horde of the Dragon Queen.

Aiee! Run From Kelvin’s Brainsplurge! Another gaming blog.

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